Tactics and Puzzle Books

Learn Chess Tactics

by John Nunn This is my favorite tactics instruction book. John Nunn is such an excellent writer and gifted teacher, and Gambit books are generally high quality. I had one of my best tournament performances ever after I read this book. If you buy only one tactics book, buy this one.

Sharpen Your Tactics!

by Anatoly Lein, Boris Archangelsky Lots of puzzles in a relatively thin book. Most of the puzzles come from games and are cited in the answers, which I appreciate very much. The progression of the puzzles is very well thought out, with several puzzles in succession drilling a common theme before moving on to another theme. The only problem with this book is the binding. The first few pages of my copy are falling out.

The Ultimate Chess Puzzle Book

by John Emms

John Nunn's Chess Puzzle Book

by John Nunn

Chess : 5334 Problems, Combinations, and Games

by Laszlo Polgar