Chess Links

World Chess Federation

The governing body for world chess. They grant the more impressive sounding titles, such as "International Master" and "Grandmaster."

US Chess Federation

The governing body of official chess in the U.S. Join to get an informative magazine and a rating.

Georgia Chess Association

Use the events calendar to find out about upcoming chess tournaments in Georgia.

Atlanta Chess Club

The place to play in Georgia. They have weeknight tournaments, day-long tournaments on weekends, and slow time control weekend-long tournaments frequently attended by IMs and GMs. They also have a skittles room, sell chess equipment, and have the largest selection of chess books I've ever seen.

My Brialliant Brain - Susan Polgar

A very cool documentary about Susan Polgar.

Train Your Chess Skills Using Principles of Neuropsychology

The best chess list on Amazon. Very interesting.

Kid Chess

Kid Chess offers many instructional opportunities for scholastic players. I hope their efforts to bring chess to as many young people as possible will help secure the future of chess.

Internet Chess Club

Emory Castle Chess Camp

Searching for Bobby Fischer Movie Trivia

Josh Waitzkin's Home Page

An Article about Josh Waitzkin's reasons for quitting chess.

Ratings of Chess Playing Computer Programs